Catering Service

The main task of the Catering Service is to arrange dietary treatment in North Estonia Medical Centre to support patients healing process. Dietary treatment in North Estonia Medical Centre is guided by the national health requirements regarding catering in health care and social care institutions, and hospital's instructions on dietary treatment.
Catering Service is managed by the Head of Catering Anu Vähi and head chef Olga Pavlova.
North Estonian Medical Centre provides catering for 800-1000 patients per day. The food is prepared at the kitchen of Mustamäe housing directly before each meal time and, in addition to basic food, there are up to 30 special diets prepared under the strict guidance of professional dietary nurses. Dietary treatment will be determined by attending physician. 
As an innovation, we are offering a selective lunch menu for basic diet patients who have minimum limitations regarding ingredients and ways of preparation. Now, patient can choose between meat soup or lighter chicken/fish/vegetable soup on soup days, and between meat or chicken/fish on other days. Patients have pointed out that, in addition to the fact that they are able to choose their menu, they can now have additional pleasant contact with caregivers who ask about their food preferences.
Visitors and staff of Mustamäe hospital can have lunch at hospital's diner and in the atrium cafeteria which is operated by Reval Café - there are plenty of alternatives. In addition, there is a small grocery store. The food in diner's menu is often the same that patients have, and this is available both for the staff and visitors.
At the moment we are building a new kitchen, diner and dining hall which creates better conditions for everyone: wider rooms and modern kitchen offer better opportunities for planning both patients' and staff's menus.

Anu Vähi

Anu Vähi

Head of Service

617 1295

Olga Pavlova

head chef

617 2091