Our strength is that we are interdisciplinary. Co-operation with colleagues from related fields allows us to offer complex and convenient treatment to patients, with diagnosis and treatment of different health issues all provided under one roof.

Dr Pille Mukk

The Pulmonology Centre, located at the North Estonia Medical Centre's internal disease clinic, is the largest planned and emergency pulmonological treatment centre in northern Estonia. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment is performed at the Pulmonology Centre. 

The Centre consists of:

  • Northern Estonia's only independent pulmonology department specialised wholly in respiratory diseases, with locations in the Mustamäe and Kose blocks
  • a specialised tuberculosis department in the Kose block
  • pulmonology polyclinics in Mustamäe, Hiiu and Kose
  • tuberculosis cabinets in Hiiu, where we treat adults and children

The Pulmonology Centre has 95 people on staff. In addition to pulmonologists and specialist doctors, we have a nursing personnel trained in the specifics of respiratory diseases to meet the needs of our patients. The centre treats all major respiratory diseases, including bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, allergies, lung tumours and sleep-related breathing disorders. We also treat less common lung diseases, such as interstitial lung disease, vasculitis and pulmonary hypertension. Care is also provided for lung problems related to other organ systems.

Modern treatment

All of the modern diagnostic and treatment methods of pulmonological diseases are in use at the centre:

  • pulmonary function testing: spirometry, bronchodilator tests, bronchial hyperresponsiveness testing, body plethysmography, diffusing capacity and spiroergometry
  • in co-operation with the Radiology Centre, we perform computed tomography and PET testing, as well as ventilation and perfusion lung scans
  • the full scope of mycobacteriology tests
  • diagnosing allergies and testing for allergies to immunotherapy dugs since 2012
  • biological treatment of asthma
  • overnight pulse oximetry for patients with the corresponding symptoms, available as a paid service for patients without symptoms who still wish to undergo testing

The Pulmonology Centre's pulmonologists perform both diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy, offering bronchoscopy round the clock at the diagnostics clinic.

Nurse appointments

The Pulmonology Centre is one of two centres in Estonia to provide patients long-term home oxygen treatment with high-quality equipment. The service is regularly used by around 200 patients. An oxygen treatment nurse monitors treatment of the patients and makes house calls throughout Estonia. The percentage of nurse appointments and patient counselling has increased from year to year. This provides for improved treatment results and ensures a better quality of life for patients with serious chronic illnesses. The Pulmonology Centre performs diagnosis and treatment for sleep apnoea and is equipped for treatment at home. Non-invasive ventilation therapy (auto-CPAP and VPAP) is performed in outpatient care, where nurses have a significant role in assisting doctors in the long-term monitoring of patients.

A specialised nurse works at the smoking cessation consultation cabinet, which we offer as a partner of National Institute for Health Development. We are happy to say that the number of people served has grown quickly. Outpatient treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis is provided in the adult and children's tuberculosis cabinets, where treatment is monitored by a specially trained nurse. Tuberculosis patients requiring inpatient care are hospitalised at the Kose block.

The Pulmonology Centre's co-operation projects

The Pulmonology Centre places great importance on co-operation with other treatment institutions, patient organisations and representative organisations, professional associations, and research and development institutions.

Our closest partners:

Tartu University Hospital. We co-operate closely with the transplantation programme at the hospital's lung clinic. The first patient to be in the programme from our Pulmonology Centre is currently in post-operative care.
Development of Estonia's 2010-2014 tuberculosis programme. The Pulmonology Centre actively participates in the tuberculosis programme and is also involved in the development of the strategy for the next time period.
Estonian Respiratory Society. The Centre's pulmonologists are actively involved in the organisation's work.
Estonian Association of Family Doctors. We co-operate with the Association to improve diagnostic and treatment options of lung disease patients at family doctor centres. A treatment guide for asthma is being written for family doctors. Currently in its pilot phase, the e-consultations project is seeking to improve care for patients referred by family doctors and requiring outpatient attention.
The Pulmonology Centre's Dr Mari Meren and Dr Svetlana Sergejeva have defended their doctor's theses. The centre's doctors and nurses are instructors for training at the North Estonia Medical Centre, and for external colleagues and specialists and nurses from other fields.
The Pulmonology Centre also performs clinical drug tests.


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