Internal Medicine Clinic

The Internal Medicine Clinic of the North Estonia Medical Centre is made up of seven centres:

Occupational Diseases and Health
General Internal Medicine


Centres of the Internal Medicine Clinic of North Estonia Medical Centre employ more than 600 persons.

The Internal Medicine Clinic was established in 2002 as a part of North Estonian Medical Centre. The predecessor of the clinic was the Internal Medicine Clinic of former Mustamäe Hospital. Formerly, Dr Ruth Sepper, Dr Arvo Mesikepp, Dr Toivo Laks and Dr Merike Luman have been in charge of the clinic, with Mare Leppik, Nadežda Doronina and Piret Mülner as the head nurse. At the moment the Clinic is managed by the Head of Clinic, Dr Pille Mukk and the head nurse Reena Loit.

We represent a higher level of therapy for patients requiring both scheduled and emergency treatment by providing help for the Entire population of Estonia as well as patients outside from Estonia. We consider the cooperation we enjoy with the other clinics in the Medical Centre very important. Our study and research potential is considerable.

We are developing international partnership links with foreign hospitals and university clinics.  Our team includes medical professors and research fellows from universities. Our clinic plays host to trainee residents and university students on work experience placement from several local and foreign universities.  In recognition of our younger colleagues we present different awards.

Constantly developing Mustamäe Medical Campus has created a motivating working environment for all of our staff.

Internal Medicine Clinic

Eleri Raam

In the Duties of Executive Secretary

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Pille Mukk

Internal Medicine Clinic

Pille Mukk

Head of Clinic

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Internal Medicine Clinic

Reena Kivi

Chief Nurse

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