Colon cancer screenings

Colon cancer screening is effective in detecting colon cancer at an early stage or before it forms. Since 2016, similarly to many other countries, population-based screening programmes have been in use in Estonia. Men and women aged 60–69 years are invited to the colon cancer screening every two years. 

In 2022, insured and uninsured women and men born in 1954, 1956, 1958, 1960, and 1962 are invited to colon cancer screening. 

The cancer screening register collects data from the population register, the cancer register, and the health information system and compiles the target group for the screening. Screening subjects will be sent an invitation by mail to the address provided in the population register in the name of their family physician. Getting an invitation does not mean that a person is suspected of having cancer, rather the sample represents a cross-section of society. After receiving the invitation, the recipient must register for an appointment with the family nurse. 

A more detailed overview can be found in the blog post of our oncologist and coordinator of the colon cancer screening programme Dr Tiit Suuroja ‘Kuidas jämesoolevähki vältida?’ (How to prevent colon cancer?). 

Additional information on colon cancer screening can also be found on the website of the Estonian Health Insurance Fund:

Read more about colon cancer on the website of the Oncology and Haematology Clinic of the Medical Centre:  

Information about colon cancer screenings performed at the Medical Centre can be obtained from the number 617 2354. The endoscopy department is located at 19 Sütiste, on the ground floor of the B-block, near the elevators.