Ambulance Centre

The Ambulance Centre was established on the 1st of October 2013. It consists of Ambulance department including Telemedicine Unit, Reanimation Department with small-island first aid crews and Catastrophe Medicine Department. The Centre has 12 emergency medical care crews, 2 ambulance crews and 3 first aid crews (on small islands). The Centre of Emergency Medical Care employs in all 213 persons: 120 nurses, 58 drivers, 17 doctors and 15 specialists of first aid on small islands.

As the result of Health Board's public competition, as of December 30, 2013, North Estonia Medical Centre provides emergency medical care services with 12 nurse crews and 2 ambulance crews. In addition we provide first aid services on Estonian small islands Kihnu, Ruhnu and Vormsi where emergency care is provided by trained non-medic staff.

12 nurse crews of North Estonia Medical Centre provide emergency care services in 10 locations: Saku, Keila (2 crews), Paldiski, Jüri, Rapla, Kohila, Haapsalu (2 crews), Hiiumaa, Saue and Märjamaa. The nurses who are working in modern emergency medical care system are highly trained professionals who keep up with modern diagnostic and treatment methods.

Ambulance department license is HERE.

The North Estonia Medical Centre has an approved ambulance training center, which provides in-service training not only to the staff of The North Estonia Medical Centre but also to colleagues from other emergency services.

Ambulance Crews

Telemedicine solution enables the crew which is on call to consult with the doctor in North Estonia Medical Centre 24h. 

In addition to emergency medical care crews, North Estonia Medical Centre also has two ambulance crews which provide medical care in North Estonia, Mid-Estonia, East and west Estonia and on islands. Ambulance crews provide emergency care for those patients who are in more serious condition. Transport may be arranged by ambulance car, helicopter, plane, Border Guard launch or ferry. The Ambulance Department has good cooperation with other institutions: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Internal Affairs, embassies, etc.

It has become a tradition, that medical safety of important diplomatic guests is guaranteed by the staff of Ambulance Department. In addition to daily operational work, Ambulance Department also provides a wide selection of paid services for its partners, from transport of patients to medical safety at public events. The ambulance crew has about 150 emergency medical care flights per year (including plane and helicopter).

North Estonia Medical Centre uses telemedicine solutions in everyday work in all ambulance crews. Telemedicine solution enables the crew which is on call to consult with the doctor in North Estonia Medical Centre 24h. The doctor can see the patient and his/her indicators on screen (cardio indicators, ECG etc.).

At the moment, the centre has 30 ambulance cars.


Ambulance Centre

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