Centre of Intensive Care

The Centre of Intensive Care of The Anaesthesiology Clinic of North Estonia Medical Centre consists of the 1st and the 3rd Department of Intensive Care which are situated in Mustamäe (J. Sütiste tee 19). The Centre employs 30 doctors and 179 nurses. The patients of the Centre of Intensive Care are mostly older than 14 years and in a serious state of health which is caused by a disease or a trauma.

Need for intensive care is often caused by the insufficiency of one or several organ systems which require active research and observation, intensive care and nursing.

The most common reason for intensive care is respiratory failure, which requires short-term or long-term mechanical ventilation of lungs. Also persons with disorders of consciousness are quite common among the patients, mainly due to a disease or brain trauma. Patients who have severe infection and malfunctioning of several organ systems at the same time, have become a serious problem. We have to support functions of several organ systems such as circulation, coagulation system, liver etc., and use different methods of kidney replacement therapy, if necessary.

We are active in the field of teaching and tutoring and organize several training sessions inside our department. New nurses are welcomed to our team by implementing 4 month adaptation period. The purpose of this centre is to offer high-quality intensive care and keep up with the newest professional trends.

Intensive Care Centre

Marju Mitt


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Kairi Marie Riigor

Acting Head of Centre

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Piret Kleemann

Piret Kleemann

Chief Nurse

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