Centre of Intensive Care

We are the only burn centre in Estonia and we also offer extracorporeal life support (ECLS) and barotherapy.

The Centre of Intensive Care of the Anaesthesiology Clinic consists of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Department of Intensive Care, and a hyperbaric chamber at the Mustamäe medical campus. We aid patients in critical condition with necessary examinations, continuous monitoring, and therapies that support organ systems. There are 40 beds in the intensive care departments and around 1,800 patients are treated in our centre each year.

The Centre of Intensive Care employs nearly 200 specialists – anaesthesiologists, intensivists, intensive care nurses, and carers – who work to aid the patients and their families. In addition, physiotherapists, speech therapists, a clinical pharmacist, a psychologist, and a pastoral counsellor are also part of the team.

Our caring staff will support the patient and their loved ones throughout their stay at the intensive care unit.

We allow flexible visits for the family of the patient, involve them in decisions about the treatment, and allow them to participate in the daily activities of the patient. We try to maintain the circadian rhythm of the patient, ensure adequate sleep and nutrition, and start physiotherapy early to support faster recovery and maintain the same quality of life the patient experienced before intensive care.

The aim of the centre is to provide high-quality intensive care and keep abreast of the latest professional trends. We are active lecturers and supervisors of trainees and organisers of internal trainings. We are a practice base for students and residents of different specialities, we contribute to the training of health professionals and promote the development of specialities. When new nurses join the team, we implement a four-month period of intensive training.

The work of the centre supports conducting research and the implementation of evidence-based activities to improve the treatment of the patient and support their loved ones.

Visiting practices for patients in the Centre of Intensive Care of the Anaesthesiology Clinic

Intensive Care Centre

Marju Mitt


617 1384

Kairi Marie Riigor

Head of Centre

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Piret Kleemann

Piret Kleemann

Chief Nurse

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In 2019, the title of Team of the Year was awarded to the electronic intensive care team, who have consistently contributed to the development of a paperless and innovative electronic intensive care project. North Estonia Medical Centre was the first hospital in Estonia to introduce an electronic intensive care system, which allows doctors and nurses to spend more time with patients.