Radiology Centre

The Radiology Centre is a modern hospital unit that provides radiological imaging for diagnostics purposes. The Endoscopy Department and Nuclear Medicine Department are also part of the centre’s structure. Besides diagnosing diseases, we offer treatment for an increasing number of disorders. The Radiological Centre’s expertise hinges on its high-tech equipment, expert, proactive staff, and modern working environment, which is mainly centred in the X-Block built in 2009 in the Mustamäe district.

Radiology relies on X-rays, ultrasound, computer tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and angiography. The Endoscopy Department is equipped with all of the essential tools for endoscopic study of the digestive and respiratory tract. The Nuclear Medicine Department uses radioactive isotopes to diagnose and treat illnesses, and also offers special hospital rooms.

A goal-oriented, problem-solving environment

The RC is aimed at offering the finest diagnostic answers to questions arising in the course of prevention, detection, differentiation, monitoring and evaluation of treatment response, from using chest X-rays to map tumour spread to whole-body isotope scans. In cooperation with colleagues in clinical specialties, we always try to find the test or battery of tests that is right for a given patient. A considerable part of our everyday work comprises analysis, interpretation and transmission of results and, if necessary, conducting additional labs or offering recommendations. Both the satisfaction and that of the physician who ordered a test are important criteria for performance assessment.

Keeping in step with the times

Modern medicine poses serious challenges to diagnostics and demand for good diagnostics is continually increasing. In the case of more complicated or rare disorders, imbalances in the patients’ organ systems must be detected rapidly and assessed as to their interrelations and implications for the patient as a whole. Fulfilling these objectives would be unthinkable without regular upgrades to diagnostic equipment. At the RC, an in-house team of engineers and technicians supports the manufacturer-side calibration and maintenance service. The successful diagnosis of diseases requires an interdisciplinary approach and a comprehensive view of the patient, and a large multi-profile hospital with an effective cooperation network offers the best opportunities to realize this goal.

An acclaimed centre of excellence

The RC staffs 40 radiologists, over 60 radiographers/nurses, and 16 assistants. We are also assisted in our everyday work by biomedical engineers and a radiation safety specialist. The multi-profile nature and workload of a large hospital allows radiologists to sub-specialize in narrower diagnostic fields. A significant part of our radiologists’ work involves providing consultation on imagery and providing second opinions complicated cases. The NEMC’s radiologists also interpret emergency CAT scans for patients at other Estonian hospitals (Rakvere, Pärnu, Kuressaare). We also provide teleradiology services for scheduled MRI and mammography patients in Pärnu and Narva.

Radiology Centre

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Radiology Centre

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