The Young Physician Scholarship

The Young Pshysician Scholarship is meant to support treatment and development activity of young doctors at the Medical Centre.

Noore Arsti Stipendium

  • Dr Juhan Reimand 
  • Dr Mare Vinnal 
  • Dr Dmitri Korotõtš 
  • Dr Margus Krabi 
  • Dr Irina Sahnjuk 




  • Dr Natalja Igumenova (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Merit Kudeviita (Psychiatry Clinic)
  • Dr Villem Teder (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Olga Koroljov (Anaesthesiology Clinic)
  • Dr Karl-Gunnar Isand (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Eve Härma (Anaesthesiology Clinic)



In the Picture: Clinical Director dr Andrus Remmelgas, dr Natalja Igumenova, Grand Man 2014 dr Jaan Tepp, dr Olga Koroljov, dr Karl-Gunnar Isand and Chairman of the Board Tõnis Allik.


Young Physician Scholarship 2014

  • Dr Diana Saranova (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Jevgenia Rogozina (Anaesthesiology Clinic)
  • Dr Kristo Kask (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Malle Helmdorf (Internal Medicine Clinic)
  • Dr Heleia Nestal Zibo (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Elen Vettus (Internal Medicine Clinic)
  • Dr Laura Einroos (Psychiatry Clinic)

In the Picture: Chairman of the Board Tõnis Allik, dr Heleia Nestal Zibo, dr Diana Saranova, Grand Man 2013 dr Kalle Põder, dr Jevgenia Rogozina, dr Kristo Kask, dr Malle Helmdorf, Clinical Director dr Andrus Remmelgas. 



Young Physician Scholarship 2013.JPG

  • Dr Karoliina Heck (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Asko Šeffer (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Teele Pern (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Mariliis Rauk (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Liisi Küünal (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Mari Kanger (Oncology and Haematology Clinic)

In the Picture: Clinical Director prof Sergei Nazarenko, dr Mari Kanger, dr Karoliina Heck, dr Asko Seffer, dr Teele Pern, dr Liisi Küünal, dr Mariliis Rauk ja Grand Man 2012 dr Andres Ellamaa



Young Physician Scholarship 2012.jpg

  • Dr Maria Gurba (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Eve Laansoo (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Teele Värk (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Birgit Volmer (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Merje Jürisson-Pors (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Aleksandra Šavrova (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Andres Asser (Surgery Clinic)



Young Physician Scholarship 2011.jpg

  • Dr Juri Oganjan (Anaesthesiology Clinic)
  • Dr Kerstin Kõiva (Psychiatry Clinic)
  • Dr Sergei Terjajev (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Mairis Kreem (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Dmitri Gorjatšev (Oncology and Haematology Clinic)
  • Dr Kaido Hanni (Internal Medicine Clinic)



Young Physician Scholarship 2010.jpg

  • Dr Severin Puss (Anaesthesiology Clinic)
  • Dr Priit Põder (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Mari-Liis Laanetu (Psychiatry Clinic)
  • Dr Liidia Grištšenko (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Vladislav Malikov (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Kristiina Põld (Anaesthesiology Clinic)
  • Dr Tuuli Teeäär (Internal Medicine Clinic)



Young Physician Scholarship 2009

  • Dr Katrin Sikk (Internal Medicine Clinic)
  • Dr Ilona Muoni (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Meelis Sula (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Tarmo Areda (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Margus Lõokene (Psychiatry Clinic)



Young Physician Scholarship 2008

  • Dr Jelizaveta Gorošina (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Markko Pärtelpoeg (Anaesthesiology Clinic  and Internal Medicine Clinic)
  • Dr Andrei Šamarin (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Eduard Maron (Psychiatry Clinic)



Young Physician Scholarship 2007

  • Dr Peep Baum (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Martti Jaanus (Internal Medicine Clinic)
  • Dr Diana Loigom (Internal Medicine Clinic)
  • Dr Andrey Smirnov (Surgery Clinic)



  • Dr Inga Karu (Anaesthesiology Clinic)
  • Dr Indrek Seire (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Vladislav Malikov (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Ines Vaide (Internal Medicine Clinic)



  • Dr Alo Kullerkann (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Katrin Orav (Psychiatry Clinic)
  • Dr Peeter Põld (Anaesthesiology Clinic)
  • Dr Andrei Samarin (Diagnostics Division)
  • Dr Günter Taal (Surgery Clinic)
  • Dr Piia Tuvik (Internal Medicine Clinic)