Gynaecology Centre

The Gynaecology Centre consists of the Gynaecology Department and Polyclinic. Our centre deals with gynaecological oncology, gynaecology and breast health. We provide late-stage health consulting in the whole field of gynaecology, including gynaecological oncology and breast disease.

About us

Our centre's specialists have visitations with outpatients in the polyclinic in addition to treating inpatients, dealing with both planned and emergency cases. The North Estonia Medical Centre offers 24-hour gynaecological assistance.
Each gynaecologist has two appointment days per week; in addition to initial and follow-up appointments, there are also separate initial appointment times for oncological patients, giving patients speedy access to specialists.

The Gynaecology Department's inpatient ward has 28 beds. For post-operative monitoring, the intensive care ward is equipped with the latest resources and monitoring equipment. Anyone can fall victim to oncological disease and the speed at which treatment begins has a decisive role. The North Estonia Medical Centre consolidates specialists from various fields who have the skills to work in emergency circumstances. In addition, we have the possibility of using late-stage intensive care if a patient's condition and the seriousness of the operation require it.

We are the only hospital in northern Estonia to offer patients all of the possible treatment methods (surgical, radiological, systemic) using both individual and combined approaches. 

The Gynaecology Department has been renovated; the four, two and single-bed wards are comfortable and each is fitted with a WC and shower. Our department contains a spacious patient resting area with a television and bookshelf. Patients can also meet loved ones in the hospital's coffee shops.

The handing of patients is complex and multimodal. The treatment approach for patients of oncological pathology is determined by the council in accordance to international treatment guidelines. 

We have extensive experience as a cancer treatment centre. Our centre's physicians have co-authored the European gynaecological oncology treatment guidelines. All of the available oncological treatment methods meet international guidelines and are conducted on a high technological level.

All of the gynaecologists and oncologists have carried out their residency training at the Gynaecology Centre. In addition, we serve as a training centre for both family doctors and gynaecologists in post-diploma studies. All of our doctors speak foreign languages on a high level, and regularly attain supplementary experience through specialty training, medical congresses, and fellowships? at Europe's prestigious gynaecological oncology centres. Our task is to be the leading women's health centre in Estonia.

Activities of the Gynaecology Department

  • Timely detection and prevention of pre-cancerous conditions.
  • Conducting radical and ultra-radical gynaecological oncology operations at the required level.
  • Use of laparoscopic methods in treating gynaecological tumours.
  • Perioperative rapid diagnostics with immediate full capacity for surgical intervention.
  • Use of organ-sparing and fertility-saving methods.
  • Multimodal treatment for gynaecological oncology patients - all in one medical institution.
  • Innovative method of treatment of ovarian tumours - hyperthermal chemical treatment during operation of abdominal cavities in the case of patients with specific symptoms.
  • Complex monitoring during the perioperative period [KP1]  by the surgeon, oncologist, psychologist, physical therapist, anaesthesiologist and other specialists.
  • The presence of experienced pathologists in the hospital whose high-quality work ensures adequate information for determining the need for and extent of oncological aftercare.
  • Oncological aftercare.

Breast health unit

The breast health unit is part of the Gynaecology Centre. We deal with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of benign and malignant diseases of the mammary gland, including breast reconstruction operations.

The unit includes two general surgeons, two oncology surgeons, one gynaecologist and one plastic surgeon. We conduct around 550 mammary gland operations annually, two-thirds of which involve the treatment of malignant tumours. All of the department's physicians also see outpatients in the polyclinic two days a week.

If breast cancer is suspected, it is possible to register an appointment with a breast specialist by telephone 617 2361 or 617 1149. A referral from a general practitioner is required.

Our doctors

  • Dr Riina Kütner
  • Dr Benno Äniline
  • Dr Piret Pild
  • Dr Merje Jürisson-Pors
  • Dr Sandra Teppo
  • Dr Vappu Zobel

The breast health units operations

  1. breast cancer operations
  2. breast conserving operations
  3. breast removal operations (mastectomy)
  4. The sentinel lymph node trial method is used daily, allowing to spare lymph nodes under the armpits and reducing the risk of swelling in the arm later.
  5. breast reconstruction surgery for patients diagnosed with breast cancer. We can offer the patient one-stage immediate reconstruction (breast removal and immediate reconstruction in the course of one operation) or two-stage delayed reconstruction (after the mastectomy)
  6. breast reconstruction using the expander prosthesis method
  7. operation for benign breast disease
    *breast reconstruction with own tissue
    *correcting the second breast for symmetry (lifting, reducing, enlarging or fat grafting (transfer) method)

A prerequisite of high-quality and modern breast cancer diagnosis and treatment is close cooperation across various specialties. Our daily partners include the Radiology Centre along with the Nuclear Medicine Department, the Chemotherapy Centre, the Radiotherapy Centre, and the Pathology Centre.

Decisions pertaining to diagnosis and treatment are made by councils consisting of the aforementioned specialists. In addition, patients can seek assistance from the anaesthesiology cabinet and the reconstructive treatment cabinet. Counselling is also provided by psychologists, social workers and our domestic support treatment team.

In September 2012, the North Estonia Medical Centre opened the breast health cabinet, where patients can seek assistance for various problems related to breast health by registering by telephone at 617 1049. The wait time for an appointment is one to two weeks. A referral is not required and there is no charge for the appointment.