Hospital Pharmacy

The Hospital Pharmacy is a medical service under the responsibility of the Medical Director of the Medical Centre, which provides modern and high-quality pharmaceutical services to the hospital. The aim of the pharmacy of the Medical Centre is to provide the structural units and partners of the hospital with effective, high-quality, and safe medicinal products as well as adequate, evidence-based, and relevant information and advice on medicinal products. 

The pharmacy employs 30 people – 13 pharmacists, 10 assistant pharmacists, 4 technical assistants, and 3 assistants. 

Our mission is to provide high-quality, state-of-the-art assistance with medicinal products and thereby contribute to the quality of patient care. 

The Hospital Pharmacy is made up of three functional units, which ensure the continuity of pharmacy services and the development of hospital pharmacy at the Medical Centre. The Hospital Pharmacy provides pharmacy services to Läänemaa Hospital through a branch pharmacy. 

  • The Medicinal and Pharmacy Products Logistics Unit is responsible for supplying the hospital with medicinal and pharmacy products, planning and maintaining stocks, and carrying out public procurements and the purchasing process. 
  • The activities of the Medicinal Product Preparation Unit are aimed at the manufacturing and quality control of non-sterile and sterile medicinal products. 
  • The Clinical Pharmacy Unit is responsible for providing advice on medicinal products, organising the handling of medicinal products in clinical trials, and coordinating teaching of and research on hospital pharmacy.
Our vision is to be a reliable, professional, and development-oriented hospital pharmacy and a promoter of hospital pharmacy in Estonia. 

Quality management system of the pharmacy 

Quality permeates every core and support process at the pharmacy. The quality system of the pharmacy is built on the principles of total quality management, integrating national requirements for the handling of medicinal products, the principles of the ISO 9001 quality management standard, and other relevant hospital pharmacy standards. 

The quality management system of the pharmacy has been certified in 2018 and re-certified in 2021 against the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard for quality management systems (Bureau Veritas, certificate No. EST179621A, 28 December 2021). 

The Hospital Pharmacy is a training base for pharmacy students of the University of Tartu and Tallinn Health Care College. Information on internships can be found here

Important contact details: 

Email address of the pharmacy: 

Kristjan Kongi, Manager, phone 617 1390 

Marko Urbala, Deputy Manager, phone 617 1618 

Tiia Vals, Senior Pharmacist, Medicinal and Pharmacy Products Logistics Unit, phone 617 2293 

Kaire Luik, Senior Pharmacist, Medicinal Product Preparation Unit, phone 617 1462 

Birgit Aaren, Pharmacist and Purchasing Manager, Medicinal and Pharmacy Products Logistics Unit, phone 617 2293