Please do not come to Emergency Medicine Centre (EMO) If you have returned from COVID-19 high-risk area!

When you have a health concern, you can contact your GP or the GP helpline 1220, +372 634 6630 when calling from abroad If necessary, the call will be redirected to the emergency line 112.

How can I protect others and myself during the period of viruses?



Additional services

Possibility to buy food, drinks, staple goods and medicinal products.

It is possible to buy drinks and food or have a meal on the first floor of the hospital. There is a shop in the lobby of the first floor, cafe is opened at atrium.

Medical appliances

Medical appliances can be bought from the shop on the first floor of the hospital. The shop is opened 8.00–16.30.


You will find Reval Cafe in the atrium, the cafe is open 7.30-19.00 on working days and 8.00-17.00 on weekends. R-Kiosk is in the lobby of the first floor. The shop is opened 7.00-19.00 on working days, 8.00-18.00 on saturdays and 9.00-15.00 on sundays. 

Flower shop

There is a flower shop in the first floor lobby. Flower shop is opened on working days 8.30-18.00.


Swedbank's ATM's are on the first floor next to the atrium.