Breast Health Office

The Medical Centre’s breast health facility is meant for women who have problems or questions about breast health. The director of the Radiology Centre and one of the initiators of the Breast Health Cabinet, Dr. Maret Talk, emphasizes: “We tried to create a speciality information centre for breast health, providing useful information on these issues. By establishing the cabinet, we are taking a step closer to the patient – we are making access to advice as easy as possible.”

Dr Talk says notes that breast cancer screenings – essential for early diagnosis – are performed in Estonia. “But at the same time the age-related statistics on morbidity show that breasts should be screened in a much broader age group than current screening allows,” Talk said, adding: “The Breast Health Cabinet is a step in the direction of a greater focus on patients, and will become an important link at the already operational Breast Health Centre, where mammograms, ultrasound scans, MRT and SPEKT diagnostics are taking place in a single imaging unit.”

A doctor’s referral is needed for an appointment at the Breast Health Cabinet.

The referral can be from a GP, specialist or midwife. After consultation, the patient will be referred to further examinations and an appointment with a breast health specialist.

Registration for an appointment with a nurse/consultant at the Breast Health Cabinet

Registration is by telephone – 617 1049 – or online via the digital registrar.
The Breast Health Cabinet is open Mon-Wed from 10-16 and on Thursday from 12-18.