Please do not come to Emergency Medicine Centre (EMO) If you have returned from COVID-19 high-risk area!

When you have a health concern, you can contact your GP or the GP helpline 1220, +372 634 6630 when calling from abroad If necessary, the call will be redirected to the emergency line 112.

How can I protect others and myself during the period of viruses?



Outpatient clinic

Dear visitor!

Medical specialists of North Estonia Medical Centre provide services in all areas of specialisation, excluding obstetrical care and eye surgery. In general, patient need referral from his/her GP or other medical specialist to go to medical specialist's appointment.

  • Referral is not required, if you have appointment with gynaecologist, medical specialist of skin and venereal diseases, medical specialist of infectious diseases (including tuberculosis), psychiatrist or oculist or if you come to ER.  
  • If you do not have referral or you want to avoid waiting list, you can use paid appointment time of medical specialist. Our registration desk number is 617 1049.
  • If you are unable to come to your appointment, please let us know: 
    • by calling  617 1049
    • electronic reception desk
    • by sending an e-mail to registratuur [ät] Please send us your name, personal identification code and phone number. We can give your appointment to another person in need.